Ripple Solver

RnD - Houdini Ripple Solver

Testing some ripple solver in Houdini. Animation was using the mocap data from Houdini.

This test was done by using Ripple solver by increasing division size on the grid to get the maximum amount of clarity and accuracy from the solver. I used the attribute transfer base on the normal from the character to the ground plane and used that attribute to create a ripple effects on given threshold.

Electricity Generator 

Houdini Electricity Generator + HIP FILE

In this Test, I have created a two nodes of scatter points with different seed value and add polygon line base on the Point IDs.  Once I had a line, i create a ray sop to project it outside of the Geometry.  To get the noise on the line I create a turbulence noise base on the  measurements which i set as a width attribute. This help me to have a full control on the create a actual look of the of the electricity FX. 

I have share a HIP file if you guy want to play around.

Procedural Bridge


Procedural Bridge in Houdini.

Did some Procedural Bridge in Houdini using the reference of Haushan Bridge.