Pluck UP - 3D animation Film

PLUCK UP - 3D Animation Film



   Pluck UP is a 3D short Animation Film. The story is about a bird, who is trapped inside a cage for her whole life and have never experience the freedom . The girl who lives right above sees the bird and tries every possible way to get the bird out of the cage. At the end the cat, who has been watching over the bird for a while jumps over the cage to get the bird. In result the bird finally escapes but the struggle he faces during this process is what makes the title most revealing.

Talents Behind

  • Manish Singh Sunar - Director & Producer
  • Michelle Claase - Writer
  • Neil Waters-  Environment / Character Modeller
  • Julie Byrd - Character Modeller
  • Issabella Omohundro - Character Modeller
  • Alex Cooke - Character FX
  • Hiro Ren - Character FX
  • Lyndsey Davis - Rigger
  • Shelby Albright - Rigger
  • Punit Reddy - Rigger


  3D character m

3D character m

Camera Previs and 3D animation

Environment Render